Product Description:

unique processing aids developed by our company are actually acrylic processing aids and have all characteristics of general acrylic processing aid. the only difference between them is that unique processing aids all have the very higher molecular weight, they can efficiently increase the melt strength of PVC compound higher by 20-30% compared with other similar materials from foreign markets.
The main applications of Unique processing aid   series as follows.
1. PVC foaming products which have the needs of lower density needs and higher gloss surface.
2. PVC rigid products with less using dosage for cost-saving purpose compared with general processing aid.

Typical physical properties:

Products advantages:

1.less using dosage and high efficiency.
2. higher molecular weight
3.good melt flowability
4.endow PVC foam products with more uniform cell structure
5.endow PVC products with good surface glossiness

Packaging and storage:

25kg/bag with PP valve bag and PE inner bag or 600kg/sack.
It should be stored in cool and dry surroundings with shelf life of two years,it can be used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.


recommended for PVC foaming applications,especially for thick foaming sheet,recommended using dosage:7-12kg per 100kg PVC resin.
also recommended for opaque PVC rigid applications with less using dosage, like PVC profile,PVC pipe,PVC fencing and PVC siding etc,recommended using dosage:0.6-0.8kg per 100kg PVC resin