CGA series Impact Modifier


What is CGA impact modifier:

CGA is our unique PVC impact modifier developed by our R&D Center, which is an interpenetrating network copolymer (IPN),Its main function is to enhance the impact strength of PVC finished products under low temperature and to promote the fusion property of PVC blend. It can endow the best impact-resistance and toughness to PVC final products than other PVC impact modifiers.

In addition CGA series have better weatherability owing to it has not any chemical double bond. CGA series are insoluble in water and ethanol, but soluble in acetone and chloroform


(1)CGA-243:replace CPE+PA(processing aid)or 100% CPE with less dosage
(2)CGA-244:replace CPE+AIM(acrylic impact modifier) with less dosage
(3)CGA-245:replace AIM with less dosage
(4)CGA-246:replace opaque MBS

CGA’s benefits:

● Excellent impact strength under low temperature
● Excellent toughness and hardness for PVC products.
● Excellent corner welding strength for PVC profile
● Excellent nail-force for WPC.
● Better weather-resistance
● better surface glossiness for PVC finished products

Technical specifications:

Application fields:

CGA series are mainly used to produce opaque PVC products,such as PVC profiles, PVC pipes, WPC foaming profiles etc.

How to use CGA to replace other PVC impact modifier:

Please just let us have your below answers,our technician will recommend the correct CGA type and using dosage to you.
If you use CGA to replace other PVC impact modifier,in general you need not change your current formulation except for reducing the using dosage of CGA impact modifier
Before we recommend the correct CGA and correct using dosage to you, we only need your below assistance.
● What kind of PVC products are you producing? PVC pipe, PVC profile or others?
● What kind of stabilizer are you using? Tin stabilizer, Ca-Zn stabilizer or lead compound stabilizer?
● Currently how many impact modifier are you adding per 100kg PVC ?
for example: we are using 8kg CPE plus 1kg processing aid per 100kg PVC resin to produce PVC window profile.

Packaging and Storage:

25kg/bag PP valve bag with PE liner
550kg/sack PP bag with PE liner
It should be stored in cool and dry surroundings with shelf life of two years, it can be still used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.